Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Trusting Again (Book 4) - Peggy Bird

Walking into a restaurant with friends to catch up and bumping into the man who set her heart racing, was the last thing Cynthia Blaine expected.

He's a walking cliche - tall, dark and handsome. Marius Hernandez had it all and Cynthia was caught up in his appeal. Unfortunately, he had a girlfriend. After all that's how they met, he bought the handmade glass Cleopatra necklace for this lucky woman. Imagining she was some tall, lithe, stunning beautiful woman, how could Cynthia compete?

Marius hasn't forgotten the first time he met Cynthia. He dropped huge hints that the necklace he was buying was for a friend. Did she take the hint? Keen to meet her again he was unsure how to, especially as his work took him away much of the time - being in the coffee business was hard work. He can't believe his luck when he sees her approaching the table.

Convincing her over a cup of java, Marius takes Cynthia on a date. It soon blossoms into a hot, passionate liaison but try as he might, Marius can't break down a barrier that Cynthia is intent on keeping up. Why does she seem to embrace their relationship one minute and then pull away the next?

Cynthia is convinced that Marius is out of her league. But the more time she spends with him, she sees that they have more in common than she first believed. Yet, she dated someone like him before - wealthy, handsome - and it didn't turn out so well. Can she trust her heart to this Adonis? Or will she end up taking that walk down heartache lane again?

The fourth in the series, Bird's 'Second Chances' set of books continue with another absorbing, romance filled story. With the original characters from the series popping up, it set an immediate comfortable background scene. Cynthia and Marius' burgeoning relationship starts off sizzling with passion and just intensifies. The author has captured the essence of budding love and has created another engrossing story.

Another brilliant chance to meet the people from the Portland, Oregon area. This time around the focus is purely on a couple whose strong attraction leaps off the pages. An utterly romantic, sensual story with little interference from the outside world. The fears faced by Cynthia are genuine and as 'cliched' as Marius is, he has an appealing charm that endeared me to him. A highly recommended read for anyone after an 'old-fashioned' romance with the volume turned up.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique. 

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