Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beginning Again (A Crimson Romance) - Peggy Bird

Who would expect to be a widow in their twenties and twenty odd years later divorced? Not Liz Fairchild but that's exactly what's happened to her. The divorce was amicable enough - how could it not be when your husband left you for another man? Now alone, the only person she needs to focus on is herself.

Intent on seeing her happy, Mason (Liz's ex) helps her set up an art gallery. Wealthy after the divorce, she's going to have to downsize but for Liz she's able to decorate with vibrant colors and not the white, beige and cream that Mason so adored. As Liz starts the arduous task of redecorating her new work/live space, she also has to find suitable artists. Thinking she has everyone she needs, in walks 'Collins'.

The attraction is instant. Resolute to steer clear of a May to December romance, Liz finds herself drawn in by Collin's determination of starting a sizzling romance. The handsome, 6ft sculptor is certainly enigmatic and before long he's not only exhibiting in her gallery but opening her up to new experiences in the bedroom.

Liz is still hesitant at the developing relationship especially when he disappears to return looking downbeat and being withdrawn. Asking questions results in Collins either clamming up or changing the subject. What is he hiding? Each scenario Liz runs through her mind equates to being hurt...again and that's the last thing she wants. What is it that he's keeping from her?

A short story romance, Bird's novel is well written and quick to read. Liz is a strong, almost self-assured woman whose insecurities are quashed by the bold and daring Collins. Initially he comes across as quite arrogant but the reader will soon warm up to his ways. With passionate love scenes and  moments of tenderness, it's a love story that will appeal. Overall, I enjoyed this engaging romance. It's not in-depth and the drama is low-key so if you're after complete escapism, I doubt you could go wrong with this affable novella. A recommended read for all those hopeless romantics out there (which includes me!)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive review.

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