Friday, 18 January 2013

Together Again (Second Chances series Book #3) - Peggy Bird

When Deputy District Attorney, Margo Keyes is conned into going back to Philadelphia for a school reunion, she thinks of all the reasons why she shouldn't go back. Going back to Philly means dealing with the awful summer heat, echoes of who she used to be and a high school crush - Tony Alessandro.

The journey doesn't start well - an obnoxious passenger in the airport followed by him sitting right behind her on the plane, leads to a final encounter at baggage claim but all is forgotten by the time she arrives at her mother's home. As she makes her way to the front door - there stands Tony. Still as handsome as ever and still able to do things to her heart that she'd tried to forget since their passionate kiss at his sisters wedding.

The week long stay in Philly is a mixture of business - she's filling in for her boss at a conference - and building pleasure. To her surprise, Tony is to be her co-host at the conference. But will working in close quarters be too much for them? The school reunion works out to be a good evening even more so when she's dancing so closely with her high school crush. But Tony has a reputation of being somewhat of a ladies man - does Margo want to be another notch on his bed post?

But the drama is only just beginning. Unbeknownst to Margo she has something that a criminal is after. Suddenly thrown into a dangerous situation, will the headstrong deputy DA allow Tony to look out for her? Will she stop running away from her past and finally accept love into her life?

As the third installment in the series, Bird's romantic drama unfolds in an easy going way with copious amounts of love and lust. Margo, briefly met before in previous stories, is given her own strong voice and coupled with the charismatic Tony, together they make a formidable couple.  Filled with passion, longing and a healthy dose of romance, this series is turning out to be a delight in which to lose a couple of hours in the day to.

Another great outing with the Second Chances series. I love the romance that is so subtle in this story - Margo refusing to let Tony in, Tony wanting to give so much but doesn't want to be refused. A classic will they won't they (get together) with an exciting crime subplot that makes this an extremely easy to read romance. A recommended read for all those romantics out there.

I received a complimentary copy of this book to review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.