Friday, 19 October 2012

Loving Again - Peggy Bird

When glass artist Amanda St. Claire and Detective Sam Richardson meet, it's under dire circumstances. Her boyfriend, Tom Webster has been murdered and Amanda is apparently his killer. Throughout the investigation, Sam can't deny the growing attraction as they endeavor to clear her name. 

One year later, the attraction has grown but neither have acted upon it. To escape the backlash of the murder trial she heads off to Seattle. They spend a passionate night together but make a deal - for her to come back to Portland and take a chance on developing a relationship. Months later after the usual exchanges of emails, text and phone calls Sam makes a surprise visit to Seattle to convince Amanda to come back and make good on the deal. 

Moving back to Portland things have returned to normal, but odd situations start to crop up around her leading to the death of two people. Thrust back into a world of being accused of murder, Amanda has to again prove her innocence, only this time she can't include Sam in her quest. Her plan has to protect him especially as she's fallen in love with him, even if she hasn't quite said it out loud. 

Who's behind these killings? Can Amanda save the only man she's ever loved? Will he understand her motives and what will the future hold for them?

In book two of her 'Second Chances' series (see book one review), Bird's romance is still set in the art world, however this time from an artists point of view. Amanda and Sam are strong, determined people and their budding relationship blossoms into a gentle yet steamy affair. The story line is more involved and the author includes past events with enough detail so as not to lose the building main plot. The author has created great tension and drama but never losing sight of the importance of the growing partnership. With the descriptions of creating art from glass as well as police work, this book has great depth for a fairly short read. 

Being able to explore the artsy world of Portland again was great. I really felt the chemistry between Sam and Amanda and liked the fact the story included a character from her previous book. Having said that, it can still be read as a stand alone novel. I liked Bird's use of language and simple descriptions and her love scenes are steamy but not crude. It's an easy read and thoroughly enjoyable. Another recommended read for the hopeless romantics out there. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.

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