Friday, 19 October 2012

You Be Sweet - Patsy Caldwell & Amy Lyles Wilson

In 1967, Amy's mother said a simple phrase - 'You be sweet'. Her meaning was just to be kind, decent and civilized. Generations of southerners have served well from the simple phrase, 'regardless of the occasion'.

This cookbook is filled with one dessert after the other proceeded with a funny story or a cherished memory. Patsy and Amy have bought these recipes together in the hopes of creating opportunities for 'connection and community'.

With each chapter marked under inviting headings such 'Reverend Boydston Comes to Town' and 'The Ladies Who Lunch', the recipes that follow are a perfect mix of what to serve at such a gathering.

From the moment of opening this cookbook, the Southern sunshine leaps of the page and each story accompanying the set of recipes makes you feel that you're being let in to a homemade secret. The authors believe that sharing food is like sharing your heart and there's no better way to 'be sweet' to one another. How right they are. Each recipe is easy to follow and all mouthwatering.

I made the Peach Crisp (Chapter 2) which was very easy to prepare. I don't have a blender so chopped the pecans and peeled the peaches by hand so this lengthened the process (for me). The result was a tasty, crunchy crisp. The added pecans gave a great depth of flavor. Overall it had a little bite, sweet and moreish.

From Family Reunion, Bay's Fudge Pie was quick and used ingredients I tend to always have in. Mixing the simple ingredients resulted in a very chocolaty pie! It was dense but not too sweet with an almost cakey crust. I also ventured to make the flour-less chocolate cake (Chapter 4). It was quick to put together resulting in a dense almost gooey cake. It was a little too rich for me and would taste just right with a little whipped cream on the side instead of the suggested icing.

There are many more recipes that I'm eager to try - Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce, White & Dark Chocolate Mousse and Honey Bun Cake with Vanilla Glaze - but I'll never get this review out! There are so many drinks, cakes and spreads to choose from so a beginner can build up to the more complicated recipes and the avid baker won't know where to begin. A highly recommended book for bakers of all skills.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksneeze review program. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive review.

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