Saturday, 18 October 2014

Becoming Bea (The Courtships of Lancaster County #4) - Leslie Gould

Beatrice Zook is quiet, hardworking and a little impatient. She's also convinced that she will never get married.

Living with her 'mamm', sister Molly and brother-in-law is just fine as long as she doesn't have to involve herself with her sister's flower business. She dreads being asked to help out at the shop. It means talking and interacting with people. Something Bea would rather not do.

When she's asked to do just that she bumps into her least favorite person - Ben Rupp. Oh he's handsome amiable and well liked but all throughout school, Ben was Bea's competitor in the spelling bee. Ben teases her that she always has to have the last word, she tries to ignore him. Especially when she thought they were courting for him to 'dump' her.

Then Molly announces a vacation to Montana. Bea hates to travel, she is very much a homebody. If she can find a job then she doesn't have to travel with them. Much to her delight she does find one. Molly is none to pleased but their mamm agreed so little can be said.

Arriving at the Millers to help care for three premature babies, launder clothes, cook and clean the home, Bea certainly has her work cut out for her. But she accepts her new role with a certain dignity and soon becomes indispensable to the family.

The burgeoning friendship between her and Hope is a new chapter in her life. Not one to have friends let alone a best friend, Bea is grateful to the Lord for showing her a new perspective. However, between the washing clothes and cooking she finds herself realizing that maybe she's been suppressing her feelings for Ben.  But can she trust him not to break her heart again?

'Chapter' four in the Courtships of Lancaster County doesn't fail to get emotions rolling. Heartfelt, honest and romantic, Gould's story captures the fears and happiness of a person discovering who they are. Facing those realities, with God's insight, to become a richer person. Throw in babies, deceit, jealousy, hard work, familial obligation and it's an absorbing tale.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I've skipped a couple of books (#2 and #3) but don't feel I've missed too much as this a great stand alone book. Perhaps if I had read them, I wouldn't have found Molly so intrusive or Bea a little 'wimpy'. But the beauty of the authors writing is that these feelings arise but she manages to smooth them out so much so that I ended up 'loving' them both. A highly recommended read, especially fans of Amish and Christian fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers as part of their Blogger Review Program. The opinions expressed here are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.

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