Thursday, 6 September 2012

In the Void of Lies - Kirby Roy III

To save his marriage, Justin Powell starts a new job 'locally' in Washington DC - one that works closely with Senator Fitzgerald. The new role means practically no travelling which should make his wife Tyra happy. But something still isn't quite right. She's worried that their marriage isn't about them but their work.

The work that Justin undertakes is to justify and gloss over with the press, the Senator's adultery so an important healthcare reform will be passed in the House - one that will particularly benefit children.

After the Senator called for a detailed security check on his new employee and his wife, Justin is discovers some information that rocks his world. Caught between lies at home and work, can Justin find some integrity with either situation?  Will the truth win out?

Roy's novel is short but packed with emotion. Justin is written as a loyal, hardworking man who is trying to please his wife as well as earn a decent living. Tyra, also hardworking, comes across as quite demanding as well as a little too needy. The government characters are intelligent, opinionated and caught up with avoiding a scandal. This story has it all - affairs, blackmail, love, loyalty and betrayal.

Whilst I enjoyed reading this novel, I found some of it a little contradictory. For example, Justin is talking to a reporter and keeps glacning at the clock therefore distracted but when he's in with the senators 'despite going through inner turmoil' he's always focused? I didn't identify with Tara at all, I found her way too pushy and unrealstic demands of not bringing the office home - if your husband can't talk to his wife, who can he talk to? Overall, it was well written with good dialogue but some of the lanugage seeemd forced or too formal. The author has chosen an excellent, topical subject but I feel he has missed a trick on making this a more hard-hitting and powerful novel. Nonetheless, it's worth a read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive review.

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