Thursday, 13 January 2011

Divine Appointments - Charlene Ann Baumbich

Josie Brooks is a successful, single 40 something woman. She's been independent all her life (thanks to a military father's encouragement) and relied on no-one but herself to succeed.

At her latest contract with Diamond Mutual in Chicago, her assurance is being tested. Is it the kind boss, the loyalty of employees facing redundancy that's making her doubt if she should continue a life without real friendship or companionship? Coupled with menopausal hot-flashes and a mysterious snow globe, why is her craved for singledom not fulfilling her anymore?

The characters in Baumbich's novel are an eclectic mix, but with all likable elements; Josie's interaction with them are seemingly slight (she doesn't see them on a social basis) but immense. The interjection of one of the characters (Marsha) who is writing a novel, is a little distracting but it shows her interpretation of the events that are taking place at work. The other important people that are met include Barb - a devoted (non-intrusive) Christian and Lyle, the boss that Josie doesn't seem to respect very much but eventually has a change of opinion.

Overall this book is an enjoyable read. There are some funny moments and there is a good insight to how people are when the going gets tough. The story develops slowly and I was rooting for Josie and Kyle to get together. However, Baumbich's journey for them both seems to reflect real life in a way - a number of coincidence's or God's intervention (?) need to take place before you meet the one person that is right for you, that you're fully content with the life you lead.

Josie's experience with the snow globe is a little surreal - what is making the little river within it flow? The answer isn't given...but is it Josie losing her mind or is it a divine intervention? Whatever you think it is, it nudges Josie towards a destination that leads her to a happier lifestyle.

This novel is the second in the series of how a mysterious snow globe changes a life, although it can certainly be read as a 'stand alone'. Overall, it's a good read; one that with its touches of humor and inspiration may possibly make you stop and think. Everyone at some point in their life needs encouragement - whether you're a person of faith or not. Take what you wish from this story, but I think that this is the essence of this tale - encouragement.

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About the Author: " a popular author, speaker, and award winning journalist who is passionate about rejuvenating lives through humor. Her writing includes the best selling Dearest Dorothy series and Stray Affections, the first Snow-globe Connections novel, and several inspirational nonfiction books. Charlene lives with her husband in Glen Ellyn, Illinois."

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review, the opinions expressed are my own.

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