Thursday, 15 February 2018

Hearts Entwined - Historical Romance Novellas : Witemeyer, Connealy, Jennings, Jagears

The Love Knot: Karen Witemeyer

Since moving from the slums of New York on a fool hardy whim, Claire Nevin has worried about her family she left behind, especially as her father was prone to drink away the hard-earned money that she sent back. So, when a letter arrives from her younger sister, Polly, admitting she’s in trouble, the last thing Claire expects to see walking off the train is Pieter Duran. A man she dated once, but who still holds her heart.

The package he bought is even more surprising and one that turns Claire’s world upside down. However, family is important and she is determined to help Polly. There is a high possibility that Pieter will be able to explain what happened all those years ago between them and that, Claire fears, will mean that there is no reason to not continue to love him.
A sweet novella centering around vibrant characters. 
The Tangled Ties that Bind: Mary Connealy
Returning home after five years determined to win the heart of his best friend, Maggie, Connor Kincaid knows he’s older and possibly wiser, and therefore ready to settle down to be a rancher.

But when he arrives, besides having to steer clear of a buffalo, he finds Maggie, beautiful as ever, only she’s training to be a doctor. Connor expected her to be waiting for him - should he have been na├»ve to think that?

Maggie will not compromise. She waited for a long time for Connor but no more. Set on a new path to being medically trained, she’s not going to let anyone, even the handsome Connor sway her. When Connor decides to join her in Denver, their lives take an unexpected turn.

A story fuelled by family loyalty, responsibilities and underlying sexism.

Bound and Determined: Regina Jennings
Private Bradley Willis has been reckless – again. This time the punishment is to help retired officer, Captain Herald move a herd across Indian Territory. Expecting cattle, he’s surprised to find camels. They’re not the most attractive of creatures and they spook the horses. Even more of a surprise is the Captain’s vivacious daughter, Ambrosia. For reasons yet unknown, she doesn’t want the camels to head back to her home – she’s managed to scare off a bunch of cowboys. But, Bradley doesn’t scare off easily.

Picking up from the new series by Jennings, Private Willis escapades are taken down a notch or two when he meets a beautiful woman. 

Tied and True: Melissa Jagears

Marianne Lister is helplessly in love with business assistant Calvin Hochstetler. The only thing getting in their way is Calvin’s obstinacy over the difference in status. Marianne is heiress to the Lister fortune and Calvin has just enough money to live on.

Calvin knows what it’s like to live hand to mouth and he doesn’t want Marianne to ever experience that want. He lets her down gently and hopes, no matter how it hurts, that she meets someone who will give her the life she deserves. Determined to prove that love can cross the class barrier, Marianne starts work at a cotton factory. Will Calvin see that the woman he’s in love with cannot be compared to the mother who abandoned him when they became too poor?

An unexpected premise of class being an obstruction to being happy.

These four stand alone novellas all have likeable characters and good plots. They cram a lot in to a short story and whilst I found that it gave a slightly hurried feel to the stories, nothing was really lost. There is a link to previous novels, but the stories still work and if anything, encouraged me to read the authors other novels. Overall, they are all well written and I think a good introduction for anyone wanting to read historical romances and not sure where to start.

I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Bethany House Publishers as part of their blogger program. The opinions express are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique. 

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