Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tarquin Hall – The Case of the Missing Servant (A Vish Puri Investigation)

It’s not very often I finish a book and feel bereft. As I started the final chapter, a sadness crept in as I knew that I would come to the end of an amazing novel.
Vish Puri, private investigator extraordinaire (he has the awards to prove it), has been tasked with proving the innocence of a renowned lawyer. A young girl, employed to carry out household tasks suddenly disappears. A body is found, badly beaten. Is it her?
With little to go on, Puri and his trustworthy, hardworking staff investigate what happened to the woman named Mary. Is she the body that has been found, that has conveniently been cremated? The autopsy photo is blurred, yet positive identification has been made and Puri’s client is arrested.
As a well sought after detective agency, Puri is also tasked with finding out more information on a prospective groom. The bride-to-be’s grandfather doesn’t trust him and wants Puri to make this case a top priority. Yes, he’s handsome, works hard, wealthy – but what’s really wrong with him? After all, his granddaughter is a few years older than the prospective groom, why would he marry her?
Can Vish’s team find enough damming material of unsuitability for one case and convincing information of innocence for another? And, if that wasn’t enough someone fires a shot early one morning at the investigator. Sadly, for him, his chili plant bore the brunt of the attack. It’s on his mind to look into that but ‘mummy-ji’ steps in and does a little snooping on his behalf – much to his chagrin.
From the opening sentence, I knew this was going to be a work of art. Hall’s descriptions of Delhi is so good you can hear the sounds of the streets as you read, imagine the smells, feel the heat. Vish Puri is an instantly likable character and you will wish him to succeed. The three plots are interwoven so intricately, yet there is no confusion. Each case reaches a satisfactory conclusion and Vish and his dependable team have righted the streets of Delhi once again – for now.
A highly recommended read for fans of mysteries, good fiction and memorable characters. Visit tarquinhall.com

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