Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Her One and Only - Becky Wade (#4 of The Porter Family Series)

The last thing Gray Fowler expected was a female bodyguard. After 10 years as an NFL superstar for the Mustangs, he was used to the adoring fans – even obsessive. But still. A female protecting him? Isn’t he better off protecting himself?

Dru Porter. The youngest of the Porter family. Having to contend with that, she’s also a woman (not a girl) so her three older brothers did their growing up ten years before she did and they’re somewhat protective. Regardless of the fact that she’s a former Marine, black belt and an expert markswoman, they’re still going to look out for her.
Gray is dismissive of both her and the stalker. Dru, the agency she works for and Gray’s management think differently. With this frame of mind, Dru knows she’ll have her work cut out for her. She needs Gray to listen and action her suggestions – she can’t afford for anything to go wrong. Despite her skills and know how she couldn’t prevent a disaster happening on her last assignment. Her boss knows, as does Dru, this job is a chance to redeem her tarnished reputation.
Can Dru protect Gray – or more to the point – will he allow her to? As secrets become uncovered, and they are drawn closer to the stalker, Dru and Gray come to an understanding. However, the agent/client lines are beginning to blur…
The burgeoning romance between the main characters is tucked away for quite a while. Wade doesn’t make the attraction immediate – they both have walls built around their hearts – and it will take a lot of understanding from each other to break them down. Dru and Gray are both headstrong, determined and with so much integrity. The weaving subplot is their faith in God and can they trust the path that He has planned for them?
With themes of obsession, alcoholism, fear, faith, broken homes and love, throughout, there is a lot to this novel. Whilst it may seem ‘heavy’, Wade has constructed a beautifully told story.  The stalker plot has a surprising twist to it and anyone who has read the previous books in the series will certainly not be disappointed with the final installment.
I certainly enjoyed reading this and didn’t feel like I was missing too much from not having read about the other families. My only niggling doubt was the front cover – it doesn’t reflect the big, muscled man I would expect from an NFL player as described by Wade. But that, I suppose is a little irrelevant. A recommended read for fans of Christian and/or romance fiction.
I received a copy of this book to review from Bethany House publishers as part of their Bloggers Program. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.

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