Monday, 24 March 2014

Falling Again (Second Chances Series) - Peggy Bird

Fiona McCarthy is a hardworking, fact-finding determined journalist. Working for the Willamette Weekly, she's investigating a political story that has a nasty undercurrent. One that involves white supremacists and her inquisitiveness is surely leading her down a path of trouble.

Younger brother of Amanda St. Clair (glass designer/artist extraordinaire) Nick, is a talented photojournalist and good-looking to boot. He's back in the US and it seems Fate has dealt him a good hand.

Thrown together in DC, or so Fiona believes, they find themselves on a date following on from their last meeting in Portland six months previously. They have a great time. Much to Fiona's surprise and fear - could this gorgeous man really be interested in her?

Returning back to Portland Fiona tries to forget the dates she had with Nick - it was just some holiday fun wasn't it? Focusing on her story she's surprised to learn that Nick is back in Portland. Keen to see Fiona again, Nick re-works his assignments to be near her - even if it means dealing with an over protective (or nosy!) sister.

When their paths cross on Mount Hood National Forest things take a dangerous turn. What's behind the mysterious cabin that they came across on a trek? Can Fiona find the answers she's looking for without endangering the people around her. Or worse prevent her and Nick having a happy-ever-after?

The final installment of the 'Second Chances' series is brimming with passion, drama and love. Fiona, whilst a self-assured journalist is less so when it comes to love - a case of once bitten twice shy. Nick has his work cut out for him in gaining not only her love but her trust. Drama unfolds slowly building to a nail-biting semi-conclusion. The 'real' conclusion is will Fiona and Nick find their dreams with each other?

A great ending to a great series. Bird manages to carry the characters met in the first book all the way through to book six without losing any integrity, feeling or realism. Fiona and Nick are a charismatic couple, charming and intellectual. The writing continues to be effortless and the author conveys a strong, engaging story. It's sad to see a well written series end, but it's been a gratifying, enjoyable and love-filled journey. A highly recommended read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.

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