Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Send off for a Snitch - K M Rockwood

Another shift ends at the steel factory and Jesse, ex-con trying to do good, makes his way back to the tiny basement apartment he luckily calls home. Rain pelts down making the distinctive red and black checked coat he wears, wet. As he approaches the stairwell there's a young boy sitting there wearing a bright orange fluffy vest with purple stars.

Turns out that young boy is Aaron's younger brother. Aaron the jumpy, high on meth co worker who Jesse is convinced is a police informant. From the moment he asks why the child is there on the steps to his home, Jesse knows he's going to get caught up in something ominous.

With the nonstop rain turning the streets into mini rivers and worse flooding his meager apartment, Jesse seeks refuge with his sometimes girlfriend Kelly. But that doesn't go quite according to plan. But before he can make his way there, he finds himself becoming a local hero when he rescues a mom and her baby trapped in a car with a torrent of water surrounding them.

Being a hero doesn't stop him from worrying about the fact that Aaron turns up dead near his home. How long will it be before the dynamic duo of Detectives Montgomery and Belkins come knocking at his door? And when they do, will Jesse become implicated in the death of Aaron? With quiet determination, the ex-con tries to discover how the meth addict died as well as juggle the rocky relationship with Kelly.

Another exciting episode in the life of Jesse. Still trying to keep out of trouble but somehow it finds him. His relationship with Kelly is still fraught with misunderstanding and alcohol fueling disgruntlement. As Jesse tries to clear his name from another entanglement that would see him back in prison it seems that Detective Montgomery is yet again his savior.

The third installment of this series moves the story along of this lovable rogue. The author still manages to capture the harsh realities of being on parole and coupled with moments of (black) humor makes it an engaging read. It's a pleasure to meet all the old characters and a few new ones, adding more depth to a well thought out plot. Is is possible that the police can embroil him in Aaron's death? And will the incessant rain that causes a heap of problems finally stop Kelly from drinking?

I've read all the books in the series and I felt that there was a repetition of what happened in the previous stories which diminished the impact of this current episode and therefore became a little dull in some parts. Having said that, I do understand that there are those who haven't read any of Rockwood's crime novels and the author does need to explain certain things so perhaps it's a moot point. Regardless, if you're a fan of well written crime novels, the Jesse Damon series is a must read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.

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