Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blood and Bone - Don Hoesel

Jack Hawthorne, a modern day Indiana Jones, has settled down to a life of teaching and raising a family with his beautiful and fiery wife Espy. He's content with his lot until someone makes a decision - one that turns his world upside down.

In an instant Jack, Espy and their two sons - one seriously ill - are on the run from a government agent. An agent who has gone rogue in a battle to save his ailing wife. What is he after? The bones of the prophet Elisha. Bones that he buried in the Australian outback a good number of years ago.

Before long, Jack and Espy are embroiled in a race to not only retrieve the bones but to save their sons who have mercilessly been kidnapped.

During their frantic quest the seasoned historian and archaeologist meet new enemies and reacquaint themselves with old ones. From London, Paris and St. Petersburg, the couple strive to stay one step ahead of the enemy be it American, Israeli or British. Will the dynamic duo get their hands on the revered bones a second time? Can they do it in time to save their children?

Hoesel's third book in Jack Hawthorne's adventures of biblical artifacts is fast paced and dramatic. With explanations on the history that's discovered combined with detailed descriptions of the couple's environments makes for an exciting read. The author's style of writing doesn't make this a heavy read and the dialogue and interactions between characters are good.

I thought I may feel a little lost as I hadn't read the first book where Jack uncovers Elisha's bones but the book can still be read as a standalone as the author intersperses recollections from the previous adventure. I like the people met and the plot of uncovering artifacts and secret cults is riveting. However, I wasn't keen on the ending as it seemed almost an anticlimax. With all the will they/won't they get these bones throughout, the final chapters came across as almost rushed. Overall though, this is a good book especially if you're a fan of historical fiction infused with factual events and places. A recommended read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House for review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.

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