Thursday, 28 February 2013

Trapped Under Ice - M J Schiller

Being a single mother to a teenage girl, Beth knows that her love for the band Trapped Under Ice should be over by now. But excitement bubbles madly when Cassie, her daughter, buys tickets to see them in concert.

What was a hugely entertaining night suddenly turns sour when they are attacked. Running for help, Cassie screams at Chad - lead singer of Trapped Under Ice - to help. Without hesitation he runs to aid Beth but takes it too far almost pummeling beyond recognition one of the assailants, much to his horror and Beth's. Feeling responsible, Chad offers Beth and Cassie tickets to see another show. From that moment, their lives become entwined in an unexpected way.

Still shielding behind the death of her husband over three years ago, the hardworking lunch lady/writer keeps her emotions in check. When Chad comes waltzing in with genuine affection for her, Beth builds her defenses. How can she become involved with a rock star? His lifestyle is so far removed from her own - in a new city practically every night along with a new woman. She serves lunch to children and writes romance novels. Where was the common ground? Beth has seen Chad's temper and it scares her. There's more to learn about the handsome rock star...does she let her guard down to do so?

With a tumultuous relationship looming before them, Chad and Beth try to make it work. The band members, best friend Roger and brother David look out for the new couple but have concerns of their own. When threatening letters start arriving they wonder who is behind it. Is Beth involved? When the messages turn more threatening, Chad has to reveal all to Beth. Will this be the breaking point of their relationship?

Schiller's fraught yet romantic story is alive with both vibrant and homely characters. Beth is likable and that fantasy of meeting your hero certainly came true but it went beyond her imagination, opening her life up to how the rich and famous live. Written in an easy to read style, the plot keeps you guessing as to how it will turn out. With a dramatic and unexpected final few chapters, Trapped Under Ice is for all romance fans who harbor the dream of meeting their idol. A recommended read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not expected to give a positive critique.

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