Friday, 11 January 2013

Echoes (The Glenbrooke Series - Book 3) - Robin Jones Gunn

Despite things happening to her - a perm gone badly, ordering scallops when she's allergic to them - Lauren Phillips didn't expect her fiance, Jeff, to break off their engagement. Throwing her thoughts into turmoil over his decision to leave her to start a new life in another city, Lauren starts to really question her life. 

When he hears the news, younger brother Brad jumps into his car and heads down to Nashville in the hopes of cheering her up. With him he brings a computer which he sets up and introduces Lauren to a new way of creating an online social life. Not long after the pretty twenty-five year old hooks up with a fellow God-Lover (GL in the online world) called KC. 

After inadvertently sending KC an email meant for her brother, Lauren soon finds herself sharing more of her personal life with the enigmatic man. With the intermittent correspondence, her shattered heart is slowly healing. Despite the faith-full advice from her friend Mindy, Lauren has done a good job of keeping her feelings to herself and is seemingly happy to close the door on the break-up.

A year of keeping in touch with KC brings the opportunity to meet. Will she have enough courage to meet the man who understands her, shares her ideals and faith? And even more so, a man who accepts her just as she is so much more than Jeff ever did. 

With a hint of 'You've Got Mail/Shop Around the Corner', Gunn's tale of finding faith in love is immediately captivating. Lauren is a young, spirited and spiritual young woman who is very much lost and is searching for some sort of peace from her heartbreak but also to rediscover her path in life. KC, through his letters, is seen as kind, generous and very down to earth. Together, they would make a dynamic couple. Yet, their letters are all that unites them - for now. 

All the characters met are well defined with likable traits. The author's simple descriptions allows the thoughts of Lauren to shine through adding a deep warmth to the story. With a healthy dose of romance, the real theme is saying to let God into your life wholly, without reservation and allow His love to fill and complete you - and you can't go far wrong. 

As my first introduction to the Glenbrooke Series, I was completely hooked by this installment. With both funny and poignant moments to memorable lines - 'How could she help but fall in love with a man who could quote Robert Browning, Isaiah, and the Beatles with such eloquence?' this story is heartwarming and so very easy to read, it won't fail to bring about a smile at the end. It carries you along in a wave of love and I highly recommend it to both fans of romance and christian fiction.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books program part of WaterBrookMultnomah publishing.  The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive review. 

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