Monday, 8 October 2012

Dangerous Proposal - Jessica Lauryn

Lena Benson has escaped from her maniacal fiance, Lucas Ramone. Hiding in a small town deep in the New Hampshire mountains may just help with remaining anonymous. But then she meets Dr. Alec Westwood. Tall, handsome yet there's something dangerous about him. Is he one of the men sent to track her down?

Alec, is immediately captivated by Lena more so by the strange amulet around her neck. It's from an organisation that he left over ten years ago - is she there to ensnare him? Make him answer for not carrying out a job back then - one that would have meant killing a man?

Determined to know why she's there, Lena becomes elusive. Their one shared kiss has been burned into both their minds. But as much he wants to get close to her, Lena is keen to run in the opposite direction. Taken in by a local, the pretty escapee starts working at the local day care center but there she meets an odd man, Jack who is happy to admit he's a witch.

In a world where her true identity could be unmasked at any moment, Lena must keep her wits about her but falling in love with a playboy doctor is not helping the situation. Will Alec admit his feelings for her? Both at cross purposes, their struggle for the truth reveals a lot more than they bargained for.

A complex plot with touches of the occult, this love story/thriller is filled with intrigue and passion. Both Lena and Alec are strong main characters and the sparks immediately fly when they meet. The author has successfully written Lena's moments of vulnerability and courageousness to leave a dangerous man as well as showing Alec's uncertainty of his feelings (towards Lena). There is good dialogue and her descriptions are vivid and add depth to the story.

Whilst I enjoyed the book with its appealing characters and the general plot, I found that it (the plot) got lost some times. The introduction of witchcraft was unexpected and almost a little far fetched. The pace set is steady and climatic; the relationships formed solid and the whole 'will they won't they' was classic but certainly with a twist. Overall, it is a well written and enjoyable thriller/romance and a recommended read for those who like these genres when they cross.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not expected to give a positive critique.

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