Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Taken By Storm - M J Schiller

With rumors abound of Lord Boltar's plans to overthrow the King of Avistad, the King's son Prince Tahj returns from his travels to hear of the possible coup and to discover a 'gift' from the evil Lord. Bound and gagged on his bedroom floor is Bashea. Kidnapped from the mountains of Tamook she was subjected to brutal attacks and is now deemed a worthy prize for royalty.

As Prince Tahj tries to untie as well as reassure her, fighting breaks out in the palace. In the frenzied moments that follow, the prince, Bashea and his best friend Radeem make their escape from the palace through a forest. Prince Tahj cannot deny the spark of attraction between him and Bashea. Unaware of her brutal past, he's consumed by jealousy when he believes that she is attracted to Radeem. 

As they travel to Tamook, she is scared as she doesn't think that they will accept her back into the tribe. Unsure of the growing passion between them, they face peril after peril - a panther, soldiers and a fierce desert storm. Arriving at the camp of Bashea's family, Tahj is treated with contempt by her protective brothers. He knows that he has fallen in love with the sheep-herder despite her keeping him at arms length. In order to prove his worth to everyone including a promise made to his dying mother, Tahj returns home to face Boltar. Will Prince Tahj return to Bashea victorious? And more importantly will she accept the burning love she feels for the handsome prince?

A dramatic story woven into a backdrop of an Arabian night, Schiller's characters are rich, spirited people who add a real depth to the plot. The descriptions of the castle, the desert and the mountain where Bashea's people live are vivid and captures the imagination. The burgeoning love story is filled with zeal, heat and genuine affection and the relationships between family members are heartwarming. Schiller has written a beautiful love story against a background of mistrust and betrayal, showing how apt the old adage of 'love conquers all' is. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. It has everything that makes a romance - bubbling passion, intrigue and a likable couple. Tahj is shy and not quite a pushy man he's expected to be (when it comes to women) whilst Bashea is headstrong and knows what she wants; yet this unlikely pairing have such a dynamic start that it could go either way. With his quiet and deep love, Tahj is certainly a match for his wily sheep-herder. As for Bashea, despite her troubled beginning, learning to trust a man as well as her heart is an effort but she knows deep down that Tahj respects her. A highly recommended read. Novel will be released October 2012.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not expected to give a positive critique.


  1. Awesome review!! Wow, I really want to read it.... again :). Actually Mary, I didn't get all the way through my copy, but only because I got extremely busy and then when I found out it was to be published I just figured I'd wait and BUY my own copy!! :) I can't wait to hold my own copy in my hands!!!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback and glad to hear you're a fellow fan of the novel.