Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Serpent of Moses - Don Hoesel

Jack Hawthorn, an experienced archaeologist finds himself recovering an ancient artifact - the Nehushtan. It's a sacred and revered object that was thought to have been lost. However, having discovered the 'hiding' place he meets Englishman Martin Templeton - a man who Jack can't trust.

The quest finds him travelling to Libya - but the Mossad agents are not going to let the priceless antique leave the country so easily. His friends - on/off girlfriend and linguist Espy, her brother Romero and one time secret agent Jim 'Duckey' Duckett soon become involved in his struggles once they start to search for Jack after he goes missing - for a longer period than usual.

And so ensues an epic struggle to leave the troubled Libya and neighboring countries and unlock the mystery surrounding 'snake of brass upon a pole'. Why does Templeton seem to have another reason to pursue Jack and is there more to the sacred staff?

From the explosive beginning, Hoesel's novel weaves a story that akin to 'Indiana Jones'. The plot thickens quickly and the momentum is for the most part maintained. The author is articulate and there is a nice fluidity to the chapters. The characters are well defined all with likable traits. Jack is almost nonchalant in his manner whereas Espy is hot headed; her brother and 'Duckey' - cool, calm and collected - yet they all complement each other.

Generally, I liked the premise of this story. However, I didn't gel with it entirely. I'm not sure if it was the plot, the characters or the seemingly lack of information regarding the artifact itself - it just wasn't that in depth. Hoesel is certainly eloquent; I like his style of writing and use of words. And, whilst action packed and engaging, I felt it needed a little more mystery. Recommended for those who like a biblical mystery.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not expected to give a positive review of this book.

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