Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Noble Regards - Lindsey Brooks

Once a wealthy young woman, socializing with London's high society, Lady Helena Lyndon is reduced to living on a small farm after the death of her parents. The suspect behavior and the death of her uncle soon sees her as the source of gossip. Betrothed to the handsome Lord Kit Gerard, his family give no pretence over disliking her new situation and before she knows it the engagement is officially over.

On a return trip from London, where she spent a great deal of time paying off her uncle's debts, an attempt to rob her is made. Just as Helena thinks she may have lost the battle, out of nowhere Kit jumps in to save her.

Kit has recently returned from war and is injured not just physically but emotionally. He can't understand why Helena ended the engagement and Helena can't believe that he broke his promise - to come back for her. They each waited four years and eventually having both nursed broken hearts tried to move on.

Despite hurt feelings they cannot deny that they still have a burning desire for each other. Kit is determined to protect her after the robbery, Helena refuses the help. But circumstances change quickly and when she is summoned to London, events unfold that make them understand their past and perhaps look forward to a future together.

An epic and dramatic Regency romance, it grips you in an almost genteel manner from the beginning and you're immediately hooked. The reason behind the disrupted romance of Helena and Kit is slowly revealed and all through it emotions are taken from annoyance, to sadness to humor. Sumptuously written using some Regency English, Brooks has created a mesmerizing story that will captivate any true romantic. It's an exciting narrative when it has to be and filled with a lot of simmering passion and sensuality. I found that I was so caught up in the trails and tribulations of this couple that I read it in a couple of days! A recommended read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to review. The opinions expressed are my own and I am not expected to give a positive critique.

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