Sunday, 8 April 2012

Miss Marple (The Complete Short Stories) Agatha Christie

Whenever I walk into a book store I'm immediately drawn to the crime and mystery section (I'm a huge fan of the genre). So it's no surprise that I picked up this brilliant edition in the series of published books.

It's a collection that shows how insightful Christie was on the nuances of human nature - all seen through the 'faded, benignant and kindly' blue eyes of her most enigmatic character Miss. Marple.

The stories are taken from other publications including The Thirteen Problems and Three Blind Mice... and covers a myriad of tales filled with deception, intrigue and of course murder.

Miss. Marple's seemingly ordinary observation of village life has equipped her to see a mystery for what it is. Despite coming across as a dithery old maid, who is prone to going off the point and not explaining herself well,  there is an intellect that ensures she solves the crime for many a disgruntled detective. The reader will meet a painter that sees a ghostly bloodstain, a seamstress who discovers a dead client and a seemingly perfect maid. When the 'case' is solved, the answer seems so obvious - doesn't it always?

Anyone who has not had the pleasure of reading Agatha Christie should get this anthology to understand why she's the most widely published author of all time.

This won't be my last review on Christie - there are so many more books that she has written and I can't wait to read them all.

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