Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lady Languish - SCD Goff

Leading a happy carefree life, Lady Evangeline Languish celebrates her 16th birthday with her beloved parents. Just as the festivities are ending, she meets her never before seen Uncle Malachy. His arrival sets her parents on edge and Eva feeling sick - but when he makes her secretly drink a dark red liquid, she's rejuvenated.

The next thing she knows, she is taken to St. Rita's School for Young Ladies boarding school - a brooding and grey building filled with strict timetables and bullies.

Tragedy strikes as she leaves school for the Christmas holidays. Suddenly, Eva is faced with the truth of who she is and must now find a way to kill her uncle before he kills her.

This is Goff's first novel and it is so good. Set in a small town just outside of Dublin, it's a tale that builds up to an exciting last few chapters. Eva is a likable character; young and naive but with an inner strength that she won't let things just happen to her. Told from her point of view, you're taken along her journey of discovery of who she is, who her parents are and why she's a threat to a centuries old 'clan'.

Aimed at young adults, this novel is one I'm sure that will be enjoyed by many a teenager. I'm not a fan of this particular genre (I won't be specific as it will give the whole story line away), but I thoroughly enjoyed this and I think Goff has captured the thoughts and emotions of a young teenager very well. Her use of language in describing the Irish countryside and other characters creates a vibrant picture. Goff has mentioned that she's thinking of a sequel. I hope she does write one as I would love to know what happens next.

Lady Languish is scheduled to be (self) published on April 20th.

A recommended read.


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  2. Hello - thank you for your comment. I always try and be concise and not give too much away. Had a look at your site, it's great.