Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Presumed Faithful - Kelly Watterson

This short story by Kelly Watterson tells of murder, betrayal and deceit. Detective Virginia Boske whilst investigating a number of serious murders, finds herself looking into the face of her best friends dead daughter.

How did Jennifer die? She's seemingly another victim of the serial rapist and murderer - but the details are not quite right. Detective Boske needs to re-focus her quest to bring the killer to justice - but by doing so, is she finally ending her marriage which has been in a frail state for a while?

The novels starts in the present with Detective Boske going to the morgue to identify the body of Jennifer Howard. From there, it rewinds to show the events that lead up to the murder of the young teenager. It flits between the viewpoint of the detective and Jennifer as well as the detective's husband and Jennifer's best friend.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. The author led me to think that the story would conclude one way, when in fact it ended in a different way. The style of writing felt a little disjointed and sometimes with short stories, character development is a little lacking. However, Watterson managed to engage me with Detective Boske, dislike her husband and sympathize with Jennifer's predicament.

Certainly a page turner and the twist to the relationships and who actually caused Jennifer's death made this a good read.

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