Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dry as Rain - Gina Holmes

The story tells of Eric and Kyra Yoshida. A couple who were so in love with each other neither thought their marriage would fall apart. But, it gradually crumbled until Eric's indiscretion with a colleague pushes them apart indefinitely. Then, Kyra is involved in a car accident that erases part of her memory - the part where she knows she is separated from Eric. Is this an opportunity for a reconciliation? Can Eric make Kyra fall in love with and forgive him all without telling her the truth?

Refreshingly told from the point of view of the husband, Dry as Rain is a poignant story of forgiveness. In the beginning he was falsely accused of adultery (to him it was just an email) and it led him to having an one night stand. But it doesn't make him feel better, it makes him question his faith - both to his wife and to God.

Seeing Kyra's loss of memory as a way to return to how things were before their problems, Eric with some encouragement from best friend Larry, realizes that whilst Kyra may not remember what happened to their marriage, he did.

I found this an interesting story, especially as it's told from Eric's point of view. Well written, it has a slightly disjointed feel about it and almost a lack of emotion. Men are raised to keep their feelings in check so it was good to read about a man who loved deeply, and knew that in order to win his wife back, saying sorry wasn't going to be enough.

Through his self-discovery, Eric reconnects with his son (who was discharged from the Navy due to allergies and was devastated because of it) and realized that he couldn't force his dreams and wishes on him. His son was his own person and he had to find his own path. And in realizing this, Eric understands that he convinced himself he knew what what right for him and Kyra. Even though they were married, she was still a person in her own right. She had her dreams and he knew by providing a platform for her, she would be able to make them come true. Along the way Larry also assists Eric in reconnecting him with God. Sometimes it comes across to Eric that he's preaching and it would have been easy for Holmes to get carried away with it. But she didn't. The references to God and the scriptures was done in a very ordinary way, it wasn't intrusive at all but was a lovely side plot.

The essence of this novel was that the truth wins out. That to ask and receive true forgiveness is something that is earned. And, also starts with asking yourself do you deserve to be forgiven?

Perhaps not a subject matter that rings home for me but it was enjoyable. I particularly liked the honesty of the characters and there was nothing far fetched about this simple yet rich story.

About the author: Gina Holmes has written short stories and her debut novel Crossing Oceans has gained critical acclaim. She holds degrees in nursing and science and runs a literary blog Novel Journey. www.ginaholmes.com

Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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