Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Delightfully Dahl

Whilst many associate the great Mr Dahl with wondrous creations such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The BFG; it would be a tad difficult to comprehend that this celebrated children's author had a dark side.

Perhaps The Twits hinted at this darkness with the gluing of children to a tree with Hug-Tight glue; but the stories found in the Best of Roald Dahl are delectably darker. The book is a collection of stories about seemingly ordinary people who through their greed, carnal lusts or a simple need for shelter, lead to extraordinary things happening to them. Some murderous, some lucky escapes and one about enlightenment and doing good.

Dahl's easy way of telling a story leads you to turning the pages without you realizing what you're doing so compelling are the stories. Almost from the get go you're hooked. Will the story you're reading have a wicked twist, make you laugh at how fates deals its cards or just make you stop and marvel at human nature?

Since childhood Dahl has been a favorite author of mine and was saddened that I'd have to leave behind those magical childhood stories; so it was with great pleasure I discovered the 'adult' side of Dahl.

He was a creative writer who took ordinary people and their situations and added a touch of the macabre. But the whole time making it quite believable; after reading 'The Landlady' or 'Edward the Conqueror' and put in the same circumstances what would you do?

For all those who loved Dahl as a child, you'll love him even more in adulthood.

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