Sunday, 12 June 2011

There's Cake in My Future - Kim Gruenenfelder

Literally just finished reading this...what a great, kick back and relax type of book this is.

The story tells of three thirty-something women - Melissa, Nicole and Seema - of their thoughts and feelings on what is happening in their lives. It starts with Nicole's bridal shower and a cake that she's placed charms in (it's called a 'cake pull') and these charms 'predict the future'. Nicole has rigged the cake but fate takes control and the charms that people were expected to pull...didn't get them.

Seema and Melissa are disappointed to pull the shovel and the chili pepper, respectively. Nicole is even more disappointed when she pulls the baby carriage charm. The man she's about to marry has two daughters already. Nicole had picked out the chili pepper for Seema so that she would have a steamy-hot love life while she chose the engagement ring for Melissa so that she would tie the knot with her boyfriend of 6 years. All three are disappointed in the charms they pulled and dread what it may mean for their future especially because they begin to see the other women’s fortunes coming true. (For example; the woman who pulled the engagement ring charm gets engaged days later after the shower).

Each 'chapter' is based on a perspective from one of the three girls and it's just funny. Each of them analyzing what they should and shouldn't do, what does the guy mean when he's says that, should she really worry about being a 'step-mom, why should she feel the victim when he cheated on her. As best friends they each have their own views and can honestly discuss their thoughts without fear of losing the friendship - which is exactly what having a best friend is all about.

I'm not a 'chick-lit' girl at all...and I did wonder why am I getting this? But the storyline intrigued me and I'm glad I gave it a chance. Gruenenfelder's style of writing is relaxed and flows very well. The humor in the book is perfect and the sense of drama and 'what will happen' makes this a page turner.

Gruenenfelder has written two other books A Total Wast of Makeup and Misery Loves Cabernet. I'm thinking I'll just have to pick these up sometime soon. In the meantime, have a read of the first chapter, don't take it too seriously and enjoy!

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