Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Wish - Beverley Lewis

Leona Speicher and Gloria Gingerich became sister-friends as soon as Gloria and her family moved to Lancaster County.

Their arrival was just what Leona was looking for. Whilst she loved her family, she felt like a lonely child as her brother was older and married. Her parents were quiet, unassuming people. Unlike Gloria's parents, Jeannie and Joe, who seemed so much more alive and fun than her own.

When they unexpectedly leave Colerain, Leona is devastated and lost. How can they up and leave just like that? What happened and more importantly, would she ever see her sister again?

Tom Ebersol, the Deacons son, is certainly aware of one of the reasons for the Gingerich's sudden departure but it's not his place to say. And with Gloria's brother Adam out of the way, his deep affection for Leona can now be developed. But does her heart already belong to the other man. And what of  Orchard John, Leona's cousin? His heart was certainly captured by the pretty, freckled faced Gloria. 

Three years later and Leona doesn't think too much of her lost friendship and sister. Yet there are moments of sorrow when memories would flood back. Then suddenly she receives a letter from Gloria. The young woman has finally got in touch.

With sudden thought and action, Leona finds herself on her way to visit Gloria. She's turned 'fancy'. Will Leona find the same, sweet, girl in Arkansas? In the meantime, Tom is worried about this journey. What does it mean for them as a couple. Will her feelings for Adam resurface? In between their prayers to God for guidance there is the underlying wish for knowing what is best for those concerned.

This story of friendship, love, loyalty and ultimately faith has been beautifully told. Whilst I found the opening chapters stilted (in terms of flow of words, present day and memories), it soon became an engrossing novel. Lewis' characters are well rounded, thoughtful and real. It's an inspirational premise where it shows that someone's wish and faith for another person can allow them to do good. Leona's heart is true in helping her sister/friend return to the People but unbeknown to herself, it allowed her to see others, including her parents, in a different light. A recommended read for fans of Christian and Amish fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House as part of their bloggers program. The opinions expressed here are my own and I am not required to give a positive critique.

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