Friday, 3 August 2012

Killing Strangers (A Short Story) - Clint Morey

Dr. Lester is a good psychiatrist - his patients leave happy and confident. But one patient, Linda Wall, a make-up artist for a TV studio walks into work and plunges a knitting needle deep into a guest before suffocating herself.

Detective Lt. Risutto investigates the clear cut murder/suicide. But wants to know why she did it. His Captain says not to bother, but Risutto can't let it go. Linda has killed a man she doesn't know - so why murder him? Plus she's not the only one to murder someone they don't know.

A fast paced, well written short, Morey's story is suspenseful with a delightful twist. It's barely descriptive but that's to be expected. However, Morey still manages to create intriguing characters - the detective that knows something is wrong, the helpful psychiatrist - how is he involved in these murders? He's supposed to be treating these people isn't he?

I thoroughly enjoyed Morey's book and it's well worth picking up if you have a half hour to spare. A recommended read.

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