Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Foolish Heart - Susan May Warren

The story of My Foolish Heart centers on Isadora Presley (aka Issy) who hosts a radio show from her home of the same name. Issy gives advice to the lonely hearts across the country - even though she has never been on a date herself! In fact she would love to meet someone, but a tragic accident, which killed her mother and left her father in a care home, and her with severe panic attacks leaves her feeling isolated and convinced she wouldn't meet someone special.

Can she ever find love? She doesn't think it will be her new unkempt next door neighbor, and it really can't be the man that she helps via her show, after all, with her help, he's trying to do the right things to get a woman to notice him and having a crush on him isn't the right kind of help! And surely she has to remember her own tag line of the perfect love may be right next door....?

It's not often that I find a story so compelling that I read the book in one session - but that's exactly what I did.

A combination of the films Cats & Dogs and a touch of You've Got Mail; at its core, My Foolish Heart is a love story. Thrown into this is a mixture of deep friendship, mistrust, misunderstandings, faith, fear and courage. And what great love story doesn't have all of that in? After all the path of true love is never a smooth course.

Warren's easy style of writing i.e. the simply constructed sentences, descriptions that said a lot in a few words, added to the story's appeal. It was easy to imagine that this story could be happening in small town America right now.

The "friendly" rivalry for the position of football coach between returning hero Seb and Issy's unbeknown love interest, Caleb, is an engaging subplot and allows the author to introduce the challenges faced by people with a need to prove their worth not only to others but to themselves.

Throughout the unfolding drama, the main characters question their faith. God has helped them through a major event (the car accident, surviving a car bomb in Iraq) and now feel that they've let Him down, or that they've some how embrassed Him by not trying hard enough. Without being too full on, Warren has interspersed the story with inspirational quotes which again adds to the story's appeal.

Overall, its a story about love and faith. About understanding that you can either run from life or accept that through a deep love of another person and your personal faith in God, you can lead a fulfilling life, one that no matter what happens, you have someone in your corner.

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