Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Edge of the Divine - Sandi Patty

In Sandi Patty's The Edge of the Divine - where possibility meets God's faithfulness, I found an amazing and inspirational book.

As you share Sandi's journey about her weight loss and its impact on her celebrated career in music and more importantly on her family, she entwines this moving path of exploration with particular and relevant passages from the Bible. Seemingly simple words but ones that spoke to her and encouraged her to carry on even at her lowest moments.

The "edges" that Sandi takes are those difficult times that she needs to make a decision; a decision that she knows will make a significant impact on her life but is hesitant to take it. But because of her amazing faith she takes that step off the cliff edge.

This book is funny, moving and insightful. Much of what Sandi wrote felt at times that she was writing about me! I've never used so many sticky tags on a book to remind me of sentences that spoke to me, made me think, made me smile or even, yes...bring tears to my eyes. What I liked was the reassurance I felt - Sandi will be the first to admit her faith wavers sometimes, but the beauty of faith in God is that He knows you'll waver, but will still welcome you, still love you.

It really doesn't matter what faith you are or if you're a non-believer, what I'm sure you will take away with you is that someone's faith in not only their God, but their family is simply wonderful and reassuring.

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